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This is where we get to write all the stuff our clients don’t let us write. You could say it’s our place to blow off a bit of steam — and drop the occasional F-bomb.

In an earlier blog post, we briefly touched on the subject of active sentences and passive sentences. Usually called active voice and passive voice, this designation affects the meaning and effectiveness of almost any sentence.

Writers are constantly instructed to write in the active voice, but it’s not always easy to distinguish between the two. Here are some tips to help you along.

The Active Voice

In an active sentence, the subject of the sentence is performing the action. It is simple and straightforward and leaves little room for confusion. “Tommy loves Jill.” The subject of the sentence is Tommy and he performs the action, which is loving Jill.

The Passive Voice

In a passive sentence, the object of the sentence is moved to subject status, but the subject doesn’t perform an action. If we use the previous example, “Tommy loves Jill” is changed to “Jill is loved by Tommy.” It basically says the same thing, but the focus shifts from Tommy to Jill.

“To Be” or Not “To Be”?

Most writers are taught that creating sentences that use a form of the verb “to be” are passive and should be avoided. Most of the time, this concept is true, but not all the time. If you say, “I am lifting a box,” you are technically using a form of “to be” but you’re still using the active voice.

If you wanted to make that sentence passive, you’d say, “The box is being lifted by me.” These instances provide a challenge, but if you can keep in mind that in a passive sentence, the subject is not performing any action, it will help you keep them straight.

Is Passive Ever Ok?

Using the passive voice isn’t necessarily wrong, it just isn’t an effective way to present your point of view or thoughts to readers. Passive sentences are often awkward and clumsy and may seem vague. They tend to disrupt the flow and cause readers to stop and think about what they just read.

Sometimes, politicians use the passive voice for intentional vagueness. “Shots were fired.” “Mistakes were made.” These tell you what happened, but don’t tell you who took the action. There is no subject in the sentence. The evening news is a great place to hear passive sentences.

Some places where passive sentences may be the best option include crime reports, fiction writing and in scientific reports or journals. “The bank was robbed” works because the assailants are still unknown. In a crime or mystery novel, “The priceless jewels were stolen” might flow better than, “Someone stole the priceless jewels.” Scientists use it to maintain objectivity and keep themselves out of the equation and the results.

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Other regulations and rulings are scattered through the text of the Constitution:

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== In practice ==

The Constitution of 88 created the need to set up a review via ordinary legislation and the inclusion of new themes in the juridical debate about the indigenous communities. Beginning in1991, law bills were presented by the executive branch of the government and by deputies to regulate the constitutional clauses and adapt the old legislation based on the principles of the integration of the indigenous communities in the national community and the tutorial relationship between the government and the indigenous groups to the terms of the new Constitution.

Thus, the legal basis in support of the most fundamental claims of the Indians in Brazil was formulated by the new Constitution and has been currently expanded and rearranged. However, Brazilian reality shows that it is up to the indigenous communities and their allies to make it possible to enforce the difficult task of making the laws complied with, guaranteeing the respect of indigenous rights in practice, in the face of many different economic interest that had the audacity to ignore the existence of these rights.

To ensure that the constitution is enforced is the challenge that is face. It is the role of the indigenous communities, as well as their organizations, support entities, universities, the prosecutors’ office and other groups. It is well known that this is a slow process, and is actually conditioned by the task of making society as a whole aware of the situation. Success will necessarily depend on the degree of commitment on a day-to-day basis on the part of everyone involved in this effort.== Previous Constitutions ==

All the constitutions of the republican period, except the omission of the Constitution of 1891, recognized the Indigenous Community rights over the territories they inhabit:

The Constitution of 1934

"Art. 129 – The possession and occupation and rights to the land of the indigenous communities where they are permanently located will be respected, and it is prohibited to sell or encumber their rights to the land in any way, shape or form."

The Constitution of 1937

"Art. 154 –The possession and occupation and rights to the land of the indigenous communities where they are permanently located will be respected, and it is prohibited to sell or encumber their rights to the land in any way, shape or form."

The Constitution of 1946

"Art. 216 – The possession and occupation and rights to the land of the indigenous communities where they are permanently located will be respected, on the condition that they do not transfer their rights to the land."

The Constitution of 1967

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